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Classification and Application of Gravel Pumps

Gravel Pumps is one of the most widely used general machinery products, and they have brought economic benefits to the entire national economy that cannot be underestimated. At the same time, how to make the use of pumps more energy-saving and reduce consumption, how to make pump products achieve better comprehensive economic benefits, etc. These energy consumption issues related to pump equipment are also hot spots of concern to industry experts. According to statistics, the annual output value of pump products in my country is more than 40 billion yuan, and 20%-25% of the country's total power generation is consumed by pump products. More than 20% of the processes in the processing system require pump systems, and only a small part of these systems are optimized.

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Savings are not only reflected in energy consumption, but also in performance and reliability improvements, as well as life cycle cost reduction. The traditional concept of energy-saving is not sufficient. The comprehensive concept of energy-saving includes not only the efficiency indicators in the traditional concept but also other related costs. The overall goal is to reduce the life cycle cost of pump products.

The optimal selection of pumping station or pump system must first be based on the technical requirements proposed by the customer, from a technical point of view, select the correct pump model and quantity, and then on this basis, according to the needs of the processing system, from the perspective of investment and operating costs, Consider the initial investment, energy consumption, spare parts, repairs, maintenance, and other cost factors, and then conduct a comprehensive evaluation to select the best solution.

Classification of Gravel Pumps

Sand pumps have various structures, and different stations of different process systems will have different names. Under normal circumstances, it can be classified according to its structure, conveyed medium and working principle.

1) Classified according to the working principle

According to the working principle of the sand pump, it can be divided into positive displacement sand pump and vane sand pump. Positive displacement sand pumps realize slurry transportation by constantly changing the volume of the pump chamber, and are divided into plunger and rotor positive displacement pumps. The vane pump transfers energy to the slurry through the rotating blades and realizes the transportation of the slurry. There are centrifugal, axial, and mixed flow types. Among various sand pumps, centrifugal sand pumps account for a larger proportion.

2) Classification of sand pumps according to their structure

Centrifugal sand pumps are generally composed of pump heads, bearing components, and brackets. According to the structure form, there are classification methods of horizontal structure, vertical structure, and submersible structure sand pump.

A horizontal sand pump is a more commonly used structure, and its pump axis runs parallel to the horizontal plane. Suitable for different working conditions, the horizontal sand pump is divided into heavy and light. The outer layer of the pump head of the heavy-duty sand pump is composed of double pump casings, and its volute, impeller, and front and rear guard plates constitute the inner flow cavity of the sand suction pump, which is most suitable for strong abrasion conditions. The sand pump with a single body structure is called a light sand pump. The light sand pump has no outer casing protection and is more suitable for working conditions with less severe wear.

The pump shaft of a vertical sand pump is perpendicular to the horizontal plane when it works, and its drive motor is usually arranged at a high position. The pump head is immersed in the slurry in the pit to pump the slurry in the pit, so it is also called a submerged pump. In general, the vertical sand pump has a longer pump shaft and a multi-segment shaft connection. The vertical sand suction pump is also often called a long shaft sand suction pump. Different from the operation mode of the vertical sand suction pump, the entire pump set is submerged in the slurry when the submersible sand pump is running, so there are special requirements for the drive motor and sealing.

Suitable for different working conditions, the flow parts of the sand pump can be made of rubber, polyurethane, ceramics, wear-resistant cast iron, and other materials. According to the material of the flow Parts of the Gravel Pumps and Slurry Pumps, it can be divided into the non-metal sand pump and metal sand pump.

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Application of Gravel Pumps

In recent years, with the continuous improvement of my country's sand pump design and manufacturing technology, new sand pumps have the characteristics of high efficiency, long service life, and reliable operation. They are widely used in metallurgy, coal, electric power, transportation and water conservancy, and other industries, greatly improving Improved production efficiency, reduced production costs, and promoted the continuous development of the national economy.

Sand pump is important equipment in the metallurgical and mining industry. It can be used for short-distance slurry transportation, as well as long-distance transportation of tailings and concentrates. my country's metallurgical enterprises are mostly in places with inconvenient transportation. Relying on transportation to transport ore and intermediate products in metallurgical enterprises will inevitably result in high enterprise costs. Connecting multiple pumps in series or operating multiple pumps in other combinations for long-distance transportation of slag slurry in metallurgical enterprises can not only reduce the high cost of using transportation but also solve the environmental problems caused by it.

Application site of the slurry pump

In the power industry, with the popularization and application of dry ash removal systems in thermal power plants, the application of sand pumps in ash removal systems in power plants has been much worse than before. At the same time, due to the continuous improvement of the country's environmental protection requirements, the limestone-gypsum wet desulfurization system is used as a special application of sand pumps in power plants.

Dredging, dredging, and reclaiming land from the sea are important applications of sand pumps in the transportation industry. my country can successfully reclaim land in the South my country Sea in a short period of time, and large dredgers have played a key role. Nowadays, our country's large sand dredger has become the "national weight", and the key equipment of the sand dredger is the sand pump.

Model selection of Gravel Pumps

The selection of the sand slurry pump model means that the engineering and technical personnel will come up with a slurry pump on-site use plan that can meet the customer’s on-site requirements based on the requirements of the customer and combined with the actual on-site. Whether a sand pump can be used smoothly on the customer's site is the most important and critical step in the early stage selection. Pump equipment is special general-purpose machinery. In-depth study of customer needs, careful analysis of the actual situation of the customer site, and a true understanding of the characteristics of the sand pump on-site work can provide customers with high-quality selection plans, and build a superior display for them. Performance platform. I don’t understand the customer’s site and do not respect the on-site operation rules of the sand pump. Even a high-quality sand pump may not work properly on site.

Compared with the clean water pump, the selection of a sand pump is more special. The sand pump conveys a mixture of liquid and solid, so it is necessary to overcome the wear and corrosion of the slurry on the flow parts of the sand pump during the working process. The selection of a sand pump should also pay special attention to the properties of the medium, especially acid-base and special ions. To deal with different media, choose different materials to avoid damage to the sand pump in a short time due to improper selection of the material of the overflow parts.

Gravel pump table of standard performance

Strictly speaking, the selection of sand pumps should be divided into two steps. The first step is technical selection, and the second step is cost selection. Both steps are very important. Simply focusing on technology may result in a waste of costs, but without strict technical selection, sand pumps simply cannot operate normally on site. At this stage, many engineers and technicians have made the selection of sand pumps into a simple technical parameter check. They believe that as long as the working point required by the customer is within the working range of the sand pump. Regardless of the long-term operating cost of the sand pump, it is very likely that the sand pump wastes hundreds of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of electricity bills a year, or the cost of spare parts for a year exceeds the cost of several complete machines. Pay attention to the technical selection of sand pumps, pay attention to the energy consumption and maintenance costs of sand pumps, from the perspective of long-term operation, through scientific and reasonable selection, achieve lower overall costs, create value for customers, and save resources for society.

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