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SP Vertical Sump Pump

Size: 2" to 15"
Capacity: 3.5-5600 m3/h
Head: 3-50 m
Handing solids: 0-80mm
Concentration: 0%-65%
Materials: Hyper chrome alloy, Rubber, Polyurethane, Ceramic, Stainless steel etc.


Orson® SP Vertical sump pump is a kind of vertical slurry pump, needs to be immersed in sewage to start its work. It is used to transport abrasive, coarse particles and high-concentration slurry. SP Vertical sump pump adopts the form of dual-channels, which can effectively transport sewage containing solids and long fibers, and has good passability. 

Orson® SP/SPR vertical sump pumps are available in various standard lengths to suit common sump depths, for very deep sumps or where high shaft speeds limit the length of the pump, a suction extension pipe can be fitted to the bottom inlet to extend the depth of the pump by up to 2 metres.

Pumping is maintained even when the top inlet is not submerged, thus enabling the level of liquid to be lowered right down to the bottom inlet or the bottom of any suction extension pipe. To suit special requirements other Orson® pump wet ends can be fitted to the standard Orson® SP vertical sump pump dry end.

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Orson® SP vertical sump pump

● The use of large flow channel components greatly improves the capacity of sewage, and can effectively transport fiber materials 5 times larger than the pump caliber.

● Reasonable mechanical design makes the conveying efficiency higher, and the energy saving effect is better under the same flow rate.

● Reduced stock holidng due to extended service life.

● Highly resistant to swelling from chemical attack.

● Orson® SP vertical sump pump has increased slurry pump wet parts end life up to four and half times.

Performance Parameters.jpg

Performance Parameters of Orson vertical sump pump

Performance Parameters of Orson vertical sump pump (2)

Design Features.jpg

▲ No shaft sealing problems 

The vertical cantilever design requires no shaft seal. No priming required. 

▲ Less risk of blocking 

The screened inlets and large impeller passages reduce the risk of blockages. 

▲ Zero ancillary water costs 

The vertical cantilever design with no gland or submerged bearings avoids the need for expensive gland or bearing flushing water.

▲ Less wear, less corrosion 

Wetted components are available in a wide range of alloys and elastomers. Orson® Pump selects the optimum combination of materials for maximum resistance to wear in virtually any industrial application, including those demanding both abrasion and corrosion resistance, and where larger particles or high density slurries are encountered.

• Abrasion resistant Ultrachrome® A05 alloy. 

• Abrasion/corrosion-resistant Ultrachrome® A49 alloy. 

• Corrosion-resistant stainless steels. 

• Natural and synthetic elastomers. 

▲ No submerged bearing failures 

The robust cantilever shaft avoids the need for lower submerged bearings which are often the source of premature bearing failure. 

• Heavy duty roller bearings, above mounting plate. 

• No submerged bearings. 

• Labyrinth/flinger bearing protection. 

• Rigid, large diameter shaft. 

Structure and Characteristics.jpg

Structure of Orson® SP/SPR vertical sump pump

  1. Shaft: SP - Steel / SPR - Elastomer covered stee

  2. Upper bearing seal: Labyrinth, piston rings and grease purge

  3. Upper bearing: Heavy duty grease lubricated parallel roller

  4. Bearing housing: Robust heavy duty, SG iron

  5. Lower bearings: Heavy duty grease lubricated double taper roller

  6. Lower bearing seal: Lip Seal and Flinger

  7. Shims: Allow vertical adjustment of the impeller

  8. Mounting plate: SP - Steel / SPR - Elastomer covered steel

  9. Column: SP - Steel / SPR - Elastomer covered steel

  10. Discharge pipe: SP - Steel / SPR - Elastomer covered steel

  11. Upper strainer: SP - Stainless Steel / SPR - Polyurethane

  12. Back liner seal: SP - Elastomer

  13. Impeller thread seal: SP - Elastomer

  14. Impeller: SP - UltraChrome® alloy / SPR - Elastomer moulded metal

  15. Casing: SP - UltraChrome® alloy / SPR - Elastomer moulded metal

  16. Lower strainer: SP - Polyurethane / SPR - Elastomer moulded metal

  17. Socket head protectors: SPR - Elastomer moulded

  18. Column clamp: SPR - Elastomer moulded metal

Underlying our product capability is our introduction of the latest CAD CAM techniques and the implementation of lean manufacturing principles, keeping Orson® Pump at the forefront of manufacturing technology, delivering direct customer benefits. Orson® Pump products are manufactured by member companies of the Orson® PumpDivision and Licensees in strategic locations around the world.




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